Overseas Problem Work

Dental model
This is typical of the type of work we are seeing and replacing from overseas.

Mother natures intention was to have the Left Hand Side of face = Right Hand Side of face.
Particularly when it comes to the teeth, one side should be a mirror image of the other side. In the picture you now start to notice the following:

  • None of the teeth are a mirror image of the other side in both width, length and overall shape.
  • The centre or mid-line is off – both between the upper and lower jaw and between the natural marker of the midline – the upper frenum.
  • Overall appearance is “flat” with no artistic tooth shape.

Dental arch model
Changing the view you can see how flat and wall like the teeth are.
NOTE: The placement of mini-implants in the place of full sized implants.
Mini implants were not designed to take full restorative bite forces like this. This will cause them to eventually fail and lead to catastrophic bone loss under the bridges they support.
While mini implants may be cheaper to place, the long term prognosis is poorer and will end up costing you more in the long run.

What the?  They don’t even meet or occlude!
Why? We believe this may have been done to compensate for the mini -implants.
No bite equals reduced function and loading on the compromised foundations (the mini-implants). Mini implants play an important role but only in denture stabilization where the load is shared with numerous fixtures and a tissue born denture.

Dental bridge
So here is the real deal after removal.
Nick named the “wall ” with its flat square features, thick incisor (cutting ) edges and lifeless colour. Great for milling flour!

Broken dental bridge

All teeth have an internal support structure which has to be designed properly. To provide strength and support to the customised layering materials, irrespective of what they might be – ceramic, composite or denture teeth. Failure here will result in future chipping of the materials or complete failure of the bridge due to a weak connector.

Implant bridge

Can you see the difference now? 

Natural looking teeth should have shape, individual customized characterization, translucency, function and correct internal design.

Get it done right the first time!