Recover at Home

Expecting to recover comfortably after getting dental treatment overseas?

illExtensive dental work is no holiday! There is no place like the comfort of your own home for a healthy risk free recovery after extensive dental treatment.
It is well known that patients recover better and faster within their own environment, supported by the people that love them and familiar surroundings.
Lets face it, its home sweet home!

So what could you save yourself?

10 – 14 days of valuable annual leave for starters. How appealing is that hot curry really when your mouth will be sensitive to hot and cold, never mind your increased risk to infection when in plastic temporaries until your work is completed?
Remember – no beer, wine or cocktails by the pool because you are now on antibiotics and pain killers to prevent infection and promote healing. It’s a no-brainier really, make the wise choice and recover at home.

Save that leave for when you can enjoy life and all the good things it has to offer for a more suitable occasion.