Quality Work, Quality Materials


No cheap imports! We work directly with an established reputable on-site Dental Laboratory and experienced ceramists ensuring you get only the best quality dental implants, veneers & dentures guaranteed.

A lot of the cost cutting in dentistry is at the expense of the patient. Behind every good dentist is a good dental technician and laboratory. There is a lot to the dental industry that the average patient does not know about.

The dental laboratory is the business behind the scenes that manufactures the custom appliances, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, gold work and orthodontic plates. Like everything else these days there are a wide variety of options available for obtaining these services with varying degrees of skilled workmanship.

It is estimated that between 30- 45% of Australian and New Zealand Dentists outsource this service to a mass production, conveyor belt factories in Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines or India to name a few. The savings and lack of transparency on the product provided are not always communicated and passed on to the patient.

We believe it should be your choice, your savings, your body and your right to know! No compromise!

We use quality products from reputable companies such as: