Custom Dental Appliances

We never expect or wish injuries to happen – but they do! Please protect your smile!

Custom Sport Mouth Guard

It is important to wear a mouth guard when participating in any sport which poses a risk of injury to your head, face or jaw. Our custom mouth guards cushion the upper teeth. The snug fit provides more protection, is more comfortable for breathing and speaking, and has a less bulky feel.

Recent studies in New Zealand show that high impact custom-made sports mouth guards reduce the chances of injury to your mouth by up to 90 %, compared to the 40 % success rate of over-the-counter products.


Clenching or grinding your teeth at night can cause significant damage. There are two main options to help alleviate the pain and damage caused by grinding: Botox or a night guard. The night guard is worn every night and provides a thin durable surface to deflect the harsh impact of your clenching and grinding. It provides protection to your teeth.

Stain happens!  Custom whitening can help!

Bleaching Trays

Our teeth pick up stain as we age and there is no substitute for a professional whitening treatment! Custom fit trays are used with take home bleaching kits to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

A custom tray minimizes the contact of the bleaching gel with gum tissue.  Proper tray retention allows the whitening tray to stay in place for maximum whitening action and a uniform whitening effect because the bleaching product remains in contact with the entire surface of a tooth.