Request a Price Comparison

For the Dental Direct team to give you a free, accurate treatment plan and price comparison we first need some important information from you. It is important that we compare ‘apples with apples’ so to speak so we require the following information.

  • A copy of your current existing treatment plan and costings (This should be no older than 3 months)
  • Dental x-rays( should be part of the above treatment plan and no older than 3 months)
  • A general medical questionnaire (to be completed as 2nd stage documentation required prior to surgery)
  • Any moulds of your teeth?

Why do we need this information?

To give you the best possible pricing structure, we require your x-rays as they tell us what is going on above and below gum level. From here Dr. Lowry, our Clinical Director, is able to asses the over all tissue health and underlying tooth structure (the foundations)and bone quantity. Bone quantity and density is important when assessing the viability and long term success of dental implants. A bit like establishing the ground conditions prior to the foundations.

All documentation should be the originals and will be treated with utmost respect and confidentiality. All documents will be returned on completion.

Please contact us if have any questions or you require any help in gaining this information