General Facts – Dental Tourism

Having extensive dental work done is No holiday!
If you are considering a “dental holiday” to Thailand or alike please consider the following.

  • Does the fee you are paying include return flights, accommodation and transport arrangements?
  • Is there an establishment fee?
  • Can you verify your overseas doctor’s qualifications?
  • Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in a way you are sure of the procedures and end result?
  • Are the dental devices used the best available, or just the cheapest?
  • Will you be able to eat?
  • How good and how long will your provisional teeth be in place? Beware of time extensions at your expense.
  • Are the medications prescribed of reputable brand or something you are familiar with?
  • If going for cosmetic reasons -Do you get an opportunity to approve a before and after comparison? You don’t renovate or build a house without knowing what the end result will look like?
  • What are your options if what you are given does not meet your cosmetic expectations? Shape, colour, size, overall feel and bite!
  • Once you have returned home and there is a problem- what then? There may be a warranty but you will more than likely still be up for long expensive flights and accommodation.
  • Fact. You will use up valuable annual leave.
  • Do you get a finance option?
  • What’s the real cost?- everyone loves a bargain! New car -Fine, end of line designer kitchen appliance – fine! Once in a lifetime face and smile – No way. If you don’t like the end results, revision dentistry is costly and never as good as having it done properly in the first place.