Where will my work be made?

Your work will be made at Prosthetic Processes Designer Smiles. Prosthetic Processes manufacture on site in Auckland and do not out source.

Like many industries, the dental industry has been subjected to cheap offshore imports from China, Philippines and India. Should you choose to have these products then the savings and risk should should be yours and not your dental providers.

There is no law for your dentist to declare where the product comes from hence this is a very important piece of knowledge not only for your own health and piece of mind but for us when we are providing a price comparison.

What is a treatment plan?

This is a written document indicating all that is wrong, a proposal and options on how to fix it and it may be drawn out over a period of time. It should also have the appropriate costs associated with the plan.

What if I don't have a treatment plan?
In short you will have to get one.If you are a regular patient you should automatically have one on file all you need to do is ask for a copy of it. Its yours you have paid for it. Failing that we would be happy to see you for a consultation appointment if you are in the Auckland area or you could see a Dental professional in your area get one.
What are study models?

These are recent models of your mouth used for diagnostic purposes and planning. Any good professional will have made these as an educational aid and for communication purposes. Especially useful when pre-determining cosmetic outcomes, comparisons of before and after treatment.We may on occasion request these.

Where do I get study molds?

Any dentist or clinical dental technician can provide these for a small fee.

How do I take a Photo?

Any late model digital camera with a macro digital facility will do. Ladies it is important to remove any lipstick.

  • Set the function button onto the flower with a D in it (digital macro)
  • Turn the flash off to prevent flash reflection
  • Fill the screen with the front 6 teeth(top and bottom) by moving the camera or using the Zoom facility.Hold still and shoot
  • Check picture is in focus
  • Print or send to us on request

Can I stay longer? (overseas patients)

Everything is possible but unfortunately at your own expense. In some cases the procedure can be finished and fitted in under 14 days so staying longer may be more beneficial and preferable to a return journey. We will advise you on your options.

Where do you recommend I stay? (overseas patients)

Please contact us (overseas patients)