About Us

We are Dental Restoration Specialists catering for both Australian and New Zealand residents

Dental Direct (formally Dental Abroad NZ)  was established with the vision to provide value, quality, accountability and transparency to an industry which has now gone global.

With almost a click of your mouse you can research and compare procedures, pricing and treatment options for dental treatment overseas.  Many of these Medical and Dental ‘holidays’ look very attractive on the surface but they have high risk and risks which you may not be aware of (see our FAQ section).

We believe this has left an option for those people who are not gamblers, risk takers. Or those that just cannot afford to take the risk or deal with the stress if it goes wrong.

Welcome to Dental Direct! – providing affordable dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures and general treatments. 1 Bill 1 Place = Savings Without Compromise!