*Why Choose Dental Direct

Why Choose Us

1 Bill, 1 Place – No more middleman! Highly skilled Dental Surgeons and Dental Technicians onsite. No cheap imports here. We are accountable, transparent and have years of experience in restorative dentistry.

What we do

We offer a wide range of dental care, both preventative and restorative. Our skilled dental surgeon can do anything and everything but especially those major dental cases. We are here to help, providing only quality products and quality care to those who want it done right the first time around, with minimal travel, total transparency, and accountability. With an option to take out a 10 yr guarantee knowing the bill is covered just in case.

Our price

Our price is very competitive when comparing apples to apples. Because you buy direct, with no outsourcing costs and our own implant supply chain, we can beat any NZ or Australian competition. Like us on facebook to stay up to date on the monthly specials we offer!

10yr Extended guarantee*

Yes it does cost a little extra ( just like it  does with a TV or car) but it will buy you peace of mind knowing it wont cost you any more if  you should have an issue during this time period.

Thinking of going to Thailand?

Do you really want to go off shore? It’s risky and not as transparent (not all implants are the same just like cars are not all the same).  What if it goes wrong? No one in NZ will take you on now, so you are stuck traveling back and forth using up valuable leave and money. Trust us – Major Dental work is No Holiday. Why not stay here and recover at home. You may be surprised that for very little significant difference you can remove most of the risk.


$99 Refundable Dental Plan.

You wouldn’t renovate your house without a plan, don’t renovate your teeth without one either! Book an appointment with us to make that plan. For $99 we will provide you with an initial assessment with x-rays, upper and lower models of your existing mouth, a written plan with options and accurate costs for each options. It’s yours to keep! Use it as a reference to compare to other places when doing your due diligence. When you do decide to go with us and our plan, we’ll take that $99 off the final price! So really, you get all of this for FREE if you stick with us!


What treatments do we provide?

We do everything! We have the latest techniques and equipment with an experienced well qualified Dental Surgeon to boot! What you need to look for is experience, especially when it comes to implants, as well as a highly trained Dental Technicians that will make and customize your teeth. So whether it is a major dental overhaul, a single crown or partial denture or over denture, this one stop shop is for you.

Booking a visit

Please feel free to contact us – we are here to help. We will endeavor to return your call within 24 hours (Monday- Friday).


Phone 09 377 4054 or 0800 755 055


Meet Our Team

Dr. Melissa Lowry DMD

Dr. Melissa Lowry

Dental Surgeon,
Clinical Director

Dr. Lowry loves helping people achieve their oral health goals.

Peter Boekhout

Peter Boekhout

Technical Director – Dental Technician,

Peter has been working in the dental industry for over thirty years and has the skill and the knowledge to handle anything that comes his way.

Bronwyn Cox

Practice Manager -DA,

Bronwyn acts as patient liaison to coordinate your treatment from consult to the end result.